Installation-art exhibit at QCC

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“It seems like it took forever to complete but looking back – it was a quick process,” said David Henderson, a renowned sculpture artist who has brought an exciting three-piece art show to Queensborough Community College.

The main attraction is the 200-pound sectional piece inspired by the cathedrals of England in the 1500s titled, “A Brief History of Aviation,” which will be on display throughout the month of September.

The “Aviation” installation-art piece was built specifically for the space provided by the QCC Art Gallery and is Henderson’s largest work of architectural art to date.

“I got interested in the shape because it pulls in all the space around it. It’s halfway between being an object and a black hole,” said Henderson, who is preparing for his seventh solo exhibition.

Faustino Quintanilla – the executive director of the gallery – is ecstatic to have Henderson join his collection.

“He brings a new vision. This is a good learning experience not only for our college students but for the entire community,” said Quintanilla.

The “Aviation” piece was built in a Williamsburg studio with a 10 foot ceiling – making the production of such a large structure challenging.

“It was a little tricky. I didn’t put it together until I brought it here,” said Henderson, who took three days to piece together the foam and fiberglass.

Henderson – a veteran contributor to solo and group exhibitions – has resided in Brooklyn for the last 25 years. Originally from Georgia, Henderson grew up in Switzerland before going to Bard College and Columbia in New York City.

His three-piece show ¬– which includes his 2008 work “The Glorious First of June and Re-Echo” from earlier this year – will be on display from September 8-30 at no cost to patrons. The gallery is closed on Mondays. For more information about the QCC Art Gallery, call 718-631-6396.