By Queens Courier Staff |

It was his parents’ worst nightmare – their son disappeared while walking home from summer day camp.
Sadly for the family of nine-year-old Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletzky, the combined efforts of the Borough Park community and the authorities over two days had a horrific ending.
Leiby’s dismembered body was found in a red suitcase wrapped in a black trash bag in a dumpster near an autobody shop and also in a refrigerator in the home of a man already in police custody.
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said that surveillance camera footage showed Levi Aron, a building supply store employee, followed his victim. When cops confronted the suspected monster in his Kensington home and asked about Leiby, Aron pointed to his kitchen. Upon inspection, detectives found blood on the refrigerator door handle and some of Kletzky’s body parts, a cutting board and knives.
Ironically, Leiby, the second oldest of five siblings, had never walked home alone. In fact, his parents were waiting at a halfway point for him the day he disappeared.
The monster who abducted Leiby had no history of past crimes against children, according to Kelly. Kelly said that Aron noticed leaflets with the boy’s face plastered around the neighborhood; “he saw the fliers, panicked and killed the boy.”
According to The Jewish Daily Forward, Leiby’s father Nachman has called for more security cameras in his predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Borough Park.
We agree with Kletzky and the area politicians. More cameras might have saved Leiby and will reduce future crime in that area. If you have done nothing, you have nothing to hide.