His second CD is his . . .

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Queens Village resident Anthony Lovari recently released his second CD, while also being involved in acting and activism.

Lovari released his first album independently in 2007. His follow-up CD, “Statement,” came out on March 24 and Lovari is now signed to a small label.

Although Lovari is now on a label, he still does a lot of the work on his own, explaining that the label does not have to do promotion or get publicity of management.

“I still consider myself a struggling artist,” he said, adding that he wears many different hats when it comes to his music career. “I’m my own management. I book my own gigs.”

However, Lovari said doing all of this has made for a richer experience. He said that he has gained a great deal of knowledge and that it has created more inner confidence.

In putting together “Statements,” Lovari said that he used many songs he had already written that were never used for the first one.

“Every song is true, every song really happened to me,” Lovari said. “It’s definitely a life story.”

With his first CD, Lovari said the subject matter of the different songs tended to be broad and that it was more about pleasing his listeners. In contrast, the new album is more specific and descriptive, he said, noting that he definitely tool more chances with “Statements.”

Lovari said that the lyrics of the songs speak about things in his life that he is not ashamed of but that are very personal. He said that he was not afraid to talk about aspects of his life that he might not necessarily be proud of.

“I’m very honest on this album,” he said. “It’s a very psychological album.”

Although the album has serious moments, Lovari said he put in interviews with comedians and drag queens in between some of the songs in order to create funny moments and lighten things up.

Releases from “Statements” have been getting played on radio station KTU and on internet stations.

Before this new CD, Lovari has performed mainly in the tri-state area. However, he is now branching out more and has done shows in Los Angeles and New Mexico.

Lovari said that the most exciting and memorable part of everything that has been happening with “Statements” is being able to do things that he has not done before.

Along with his work in music, Lovari has also been active in the world of film. “Shore Thing,” a short film he was in, was shown at the Coney Island Film Festival and the Queens International Film Festival. He also recently did some filming for the movie “Salt” with Angelina Jolie.

A member of the Stonewall Democrats Club, Lovari spends time as an activist and helping candidates. He said that at some point he would like to develop even more of a voice in politics.

Lovari said that, to work in the world of entertainment, one has to be willing to sacrifice a lot of time. Even so, he plans on continuing to do it all.

“It’s a labor of love,” he said.

For more information about Lovari, visit Myspace.com/Lovari or Facebook.com/Lovari. “Statements” is available on iTunes, amazon.com and cdbaby.com.