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The city is teeming with fast food options – unfortunately, many aren’t even worth a quick stop for a bite. Several of these eateries – from franchises to food trucks – focus more on the “fast” than the “food,” making the meal anything but tasty.

Tasty Fast Food, with a brand new fourth location now open in Astoria, aims to change what hungry residents expect from fast food establishments. They offer pizza, burgers, gyros, pasta and more – but the quality of the food is what sets them apart.

Lukas Georgiadis, manager of the newest location, said that both quality and variety are part of the Tasty tradition.

“We are consistent at all of our restaurants,” he said. “This is not a diner, where variety sometimes means low quality. We are not one dimensional with our food, but we take pride in what we do.”

Tasty’s varieties start with salads, as there are seven fresh selections to choose from. The Greek Salad ($6) boasts all the usual Greek ingredients – olives, feta, onions, tomatoes – and each one is bright and refreshing. Add grilled chicken for $2.50.

Beyond salads, Tasty’s burgers live up to the establishment’s name. Tasty offers 10 varieties of burgers – from cheese to pizza to BBQ bacon and cheddar. The standouts are the pepperoni burger, charcoal grilled with pepperoni, grilled onions and melted mozzarella; and the California burger, charcoal grilled with ham, melted Swiss and mayo. Make it a deluxe for $2.25 and get onion rings and French fries.

Keeping it between bread, the manager said that his most popular items are the Philly cheese steak and three skirt steak sandwiches. The Texas sandwich is loaded with steak, melted cheddar, grilled onions and mushrooms, topped with barbecue sauce. The Steak a la Greco is served on garlic bread with tomatoes and feta cheese, while the Teriyaki steak sandwich is topped with grilled vegetables, also served on garlic bread. The sandwiches are $8.50 each and are also available with fries.

Tasty also offers an array of classic pasta dishes, all reasonably priced and prepared with knowledge and attention. There is the backed ziti, with a light cream sauce; Milano Carbonara with onions, mushrooms and bacon; cheese ravioli; and Pasta a la Tasty, with fresh plum tomatoes, sautéed with black olives, garlic and olive oil. The dishes are all under $8, and diners have the option of adding chicken or fried shrimp.

A bounty of sides is also available, as are heroes, calzones and parmagiana entrees. They also have frozen yogurt, yogurt shakes and yogurt smoothies.

Tasty Fast Food

23-39 Astoria Boulevard

Astoria, NY 11102

Tel: 718-606-8745


Fax: 718-606-8747

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.