Graffiti artist Banksy makes his way to Queens

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Photo courtesy of Eric Benaim
Photo courtesy of Eric Benaim

Graffiti artist Banksy stenciled this wall in Woodside on Monday.

A “residency on the streets of New York” would not be complete without coming into Queens for one artist.

Since the start of the month, the mysterious, ghost-like and notorious British graffiti artist only known by the name Banksy has hit the streets to tag his way around the Big Apple. In a unique show titled “Better Out Than In,” Banksy has been going around each day of the month and leaving his stenciled pieces for people to find. The artist also stencils a phone number with each piece so whoever is curious can call and find out a bit more on each artwork.

The artist began his “exhibit” on October 1 with his first piece appearing in Manhattan with reports saying it was on a building in Chinatown. Each day the official website for Banksy,, gets updated with images of the new stencils.

According to reports and the Banksy official website, on Sunday the artist set up a stall in Central Park and sold original signed canvases for $60, which normally go for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After hitting Manhattan and Brooklyn, Banksy made his way to Queens on Monday and stenciled on a blank wall in Woodside. After reports of the piece appeared throughout the Internet, fans flocked to the 69th Street and 38th Avenue wall where the artist had written the quote, “What we do in life echoes in Eternity” from the movie “Gladiator” and stenciled a man trying to wipe off the words.

Even with all the admirers, on Monday night the Woodside piece met the same fate as other New York Banksy pieces, as a different graffiti artist painted over the work.