Flushing drug, gun bust nets seven

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THE COURIER/Photo by Melissa Chan
THE COURIER/Photo by Melissa Chan

Captain Tommy Ng shows a picture of some loaded guns the 109th Precinct seized during a recent Flushing drug bust.

Seven people were arrested in Flushing for possessing narcotics and loaded guns, police said.

Ecstasy pills and nearly six pounds of ketamine or “Special K” were confiscated from a residential home during a drug bust on January 25 at around 9:30 p.m., cops said. Two .22 caliber rifles, a shotgun and a .45 caliber handgun were also discovered.

The suspects – six males and one female – were charged with possessing, packaging and selling narcotics and having loaded firearms, according to the 109th Precinct.

“Ketamine is a popular, illegal narcotic,” said Captain Tommy Ng, the precinct’s executive officer. “It’s a dangerous drug that seems to be really popular in Asian clubs.”

The precinct has made numerous arrests in problematic locations, including KTV lounges, bars and clubs in downtown Flushing, Ng said.

An anonymous tip alerted officers of suspicious activity on the corner of 59th Avenue and 150th Street, where they observed females conducting a drug transaction, Ng said.

Three people were arrested inside a home on the block where cops said they found drugs and a measuring scale in plain sight. A later search warrant led to the seizure of four other individuals.

Police identified the arrested as Ling Ling Gao, Meng Kai Qu, Daohua Huang, Kai Quxiau, Jianeeng Yang, Xiake Xia and Hongrui Zheng. They range in age from 21 to 38, Ng said.