Explosion kills man in his home

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Theodore Ellinghaus, 50, was killed in an explosion in his South Ozone Park home.

A man described as emotionally disturbed was killed in an at-home explosion in South Ozone Park.

Police found 50-year-old Theodore Ellinghaus unconscious in his 111th Avenue home on Monday, January 23 at around 9:30 a.m.

According to Kenneth Zorn, Community Affairs officer for the 106th Precinct, police found no other explosives and could not identify the exact type of explosive detonated. However, several published reports say the blast came from fireworks, which reportedly tore through the victim’s fingers and ripped through his stomach.

Zorn said officers then evacuated the immediate area — including Ellinghaus’ home and the entire block in each direction — until the NYPD’s Bomb Squad and Arson & Explosion Squad arrived.

Though bomb squad officials determined that Ellinghaus had no terrorist ties, it is still not clear whether or not he was trying to commit suicide or harm others.

There were no other reported injuries.