Ex-State Senator Shirley Huntley recorded elected officials at feds’ request

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Photo Jeanne Noonan/ for New York Daily News
Photo Jeanne Noonan/ for New York Daily News

Ex-State Senator Shirley Huntley, at the request of federal prosecutors, wore a wire and secretly recorded the conversations of several elected officials last year.

Former State Senator Shirley Huntley, who pleaded guilty to helping funnel money through a fake nonprofit in February, secretly recorded conversations at the request of federal prosecutors while she was still in office, according to published reports.

Court papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court today, said the reports, state that while wearing the wire from June to August 2012, Huntley captured the conversations of seven elected officials, a consultant and staff member.

According to the Wall Street Journal, court documents also said the recordings “did yield evidence useful to law enforcement authorities,” which will be “discussed in a separate sealed letter to be filed next week.”