Ex-Queens teacher accused of sex with former student reconsiders guilty plea

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Photo courtesy of the New York Daily News
Photo courtesy of the New York Daily News

Former Queens public school teacher, Daniel Reilly, who pleaded guilty to the statutory rape of an ex-student in May, is reconsidering his plea.

The former Queens middle school teacher who pleaded guilty to statutory rape charges may withdraw his plea, his lawyer said.

Daniel Reilly, 36, a married father, admitted in May to having sex multiple times at his Forest Hills home with a 14-year-old girl he used to teach, authorities said.

The former sixth grade English teacher at I.S. 237 was expected to be sentenced this June to six months in jail and 10 years’ probation, according to District Attorney Richard Brown.

As part of the plea bargain meant to spare the victim from testifying, Reilly would have to give up his teaching license, register on the state’s sex offender registry and take a sex offender reform program, authorities said.

But because that punishment could entail restrictions against Reilly raising his infant daughter, his legal team said he is now reconsidering his options.

“We’re contemplating the best course of action to enable his daughter to have a father in her life and to allow him to assist with raising her,” said Reilly’s attorney, Eric Franz.