Destination for flea market lovers – Merrick Boulevard

By Queens Courier Staff |

At Merrick Flea Market, one can sip on complimentary hot coffee while shopping for anything from kitchen appliances and the latest gadgets to women’s clothing and shoes – all for discounted prices.
“Shoppers love to see the newest things for cheap prices,” said Mike Berman, managing partner of BP Real Estate Investors, which also opened Pennsy Flea Market in Philadelphia two years ago and has been in business for the past 30 years. “Everyone hopes to find something that’s a diamond in the rough.”
Located at 221-02 Merrick Boulevard in Springfield Gardens, the heated, indoor market houses approximately 150 vendors selling everything from the latest knickknack to discounted electronics. Berman said the concept of the flea market was tested last September as a result of the closing of other outdoor flea markets for the season and the permanent closing of Aqueduct Flea Market. Additionally, a rush of vendors from Aqueduct relocated to Merrick so they could sell merchandise year-round. Berman also said that the on-site manager from Aqueduct is currently manager at Merrick, so “vendors come in and see a familiar face.”
“I love the flea market business,” said Berman. “It’s a way that somebody with the smallest amount of capital can go into business and it’s very inspiring to see people of all ages and backgrounds come in and sell merchandise.”
Additionally, Berman said the opening of the flea market is a positive aspect that he hopes will bring more shoppers to Merrick Boulevard, which is the home of additional stores and restaurants.
“Our hope is that people shop at the other fine stores on Merrick Boulevard,” he said.
Additionally, any charity, religious group, or non-profit organization interested in fundraising can do so for free as part of a special program available.
“We want to be a good neighbor to all of our vendors, especially other businesses in the area,” said Berman. “We’re happy about what we’re doing to bring more people to Merrick Boulevard and hope it’ll benefit all merchants.”
For hours and more information, visit or call 718-341-3532. – Alexa Mae Asperin