Daughter of missing Elmhurst woman demands answers

| amanning@queenscourier.com |

A press conference was held on Wednesday, November 2 at the house where Elmhurst resident Lian Fang Feng was last seen nearly 10 years ago.

Councilmember Daniel Dromm, Jena Liang, daughter of Feng, and attorney Stewart Pollak held the conference to demand answers from the NYPD for a botched investigation of the missing woman.

“It may in fact be true that her mother is never coming back, but Ms. Liang should have been shown respect and she should have been treated with dignity by the police department. That did not happen,” said Dromm. “We are here to demand that this be taken out of the cold case file.”

In July of 2002, Liang found bloodstains in the apartment she shared with her mother and stepfather. Police suspected foul play, but after an initial investigation, the original detective assigned to the case retired.

Since then, Liang has been given no information on her mother’s case, despite months of repeated calls to the 110th precinct. When she eventually subpoenaed the NYPD for the records, she was informed that all the evidence had been destroyed during a flood at One Police Plaza.