City Council passes bill to fix Muni Meter payment system

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Drivers will no longer need to worry about mistakenly paying for parking when it's free or when a meter is out of paper.

The City Council has passed legislation that fixes flaws in the Muni Meter system and saves drivers money in unnecessary parking payments.

If Mayor Michael Bloomberg signs the law, Muni Meters would shut off when paid parking rules are not in effect and when a machine is out of paper needed to print receipts. The meters would turn back on an hour before drivers are required to pay for parking again.

“Whether you’re doing your laundry or parking your car, you should always get what you pay for,” said Council Speaker Christine Quinn announcing the bill last month.  “This legislation ensures drivers will no longer pay for parking at a meter, only to find out that this requirement ended 20 minutes earlier.  Our legislation will reduce frustration and increase fairness in how we pay for parking.”

The changes will first apply to meters that have the technology to turn off when parking is free or the meter is out of paper, about half of those in the city, mostly in the outer boroughs. Other meters must be reprogrammed within two years from when the bill is enacted.