Celebrate dad with gifts he’ll love

By Queens Courier Staff |

One day each year is set aside to honor dad. But, as you remember the times he got up early to take you to ball practice, taught you to ride your bike or came to your apartment to help you fix the leaky plumbing, maybe dads need more than one day to hear “thank you.” Maybe, just maybe, there are some special things children can do to celebrate dads throughout the year, creating memories for all that will last a lifetime.
Most dads will tell you, “Don’t buy me anything – I already have everything I need.” But if you’re like most children, you want to find that perfect something that will let him know how much you appreciate all the big – and little – things he’s done for you. So whether it’s Father’s Day, his birthday, special anniversary or lazy Sunday, there are many inexpensive ways to let dad know how much you care.
While dad will appreciate any gift-giving gesture, if you really want to put a smile on his face and create a memorable moment, consider starting a new gift tradition this year: beef. And not just any beef – aged-to-perfection, melt-in-his-mouth steak.
Does your dad smile just a little more when he sees a perfectly grilled steak placed in front of him? When considering dining options, is there a steakhouse at the top of his list? Does he spend hours on end talking about grilling the perfect steak? Well, your dad is a meat aficionado – and the gift that will put the biggest smile on his face? Steak.
So, where to start? Here are the top five steaks, according to the Kansas City Steak Company, which has specialized in all things steak since 1932.
1. Filet mignon. The most popular steak, these aged beef wonders provide melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. “This is by far the most popular steak we sell,” says Edward Scavuzzo, president. “Year after year, no matter how many other steaks or meats we offer, the filet mignon comes out as the clear winner. And why not? It’s my favorite, too.”
2. New York strip steak. For a heartier appetite, the second most popular steak is the New York strip. Whether you choose a strip with or without the bone, this steak, sometimes known as the Kansas City strip, is cut from the short loin and is very tender.
3. Ribeye steak. For rich flavor, you can’t go wrong with the third most popular steak – the ribeye. All bone-in and boneless ribeye steaks are carved from succulent prime rib roasts and feature rich marbling. Whether grilled, fried or broiled, it’s a sure winner for dads everywhere.
4. Top sirloin steak. A fourth option is the top sirloin – the most prized of the sirloin steak family. The top sirloin is cut from the center of the sirloin and is lean, firm and flavorful. Top sirloin has a hearty beef flavor and is perfect for grilling.
5. Porterhouse. Two steaks in one rounds out the top five. The rich taste of the meaty sirloin strip and the tender, melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon make the porterhouse a favorite for serious carnivores. If your dad loves all kinds of steaks, the Porterhouse might just be the winner for this year’s Father’s Day gift.
It’s never been easier to order your dad his favorite steak – wherever you are or whatever time of year you want to do something special. Gourmet steaks are available online from retailers like the Kansas City Steak Company. They’ll deliver it right to dad’s door. Just go online; select your dad’s favorite steak and they’ll do all the work – while you get all the credit. There are options for every budget.
And, if you’re feeling lucky, some companies are also feature special offers throughout the year, as well as contests and sweepstakes for holidays. Be sure to check websites for more details, but it’s another way to help you make your dad’s special days a little more special this year. – Courtesy of ARA