CB 12 takes six days to vote on Jamaica plan

| kjames@queenscourier.com |

Although the multiple part vote on the 368-block Jamaica Plan rezoning project put before Community Board 12 last week became so confusing it took six days to resolve, according to Chairperson Gloria Black, in the end the board largely disapproved the plan.
The seven-part application was “most unusual procedure,” she said. “If the board members had not familiarized themselves with the items it would be confusing, and that’s what happened,” Black continued, explaining why the board had difficulty with the vote.
In the end, the board unanimously voted down the application to close a portion of 148th Street between 94th and 95th Avenues, the application for a zoning map change and the city’s three-part application for its Urban Renewal Plan.
However, the board approved by a vote of 17 to 16 with two abstentions the creation of a special zoning district.
The final vote concerning the disposition of city owned property on 168th Street, an element described by Black as a “hot potato” was ultimately never cast as the board never took a motion for the vote.
Black expressed personal disappointment that the Jamaica Plan was largely disapproved by her board. “A renaissance for this particular area is long overdue and here was an opportunity…it could have been worked out.”
As for community concerns that CB 12 will no longer play a part in discussions on the Jamaica Plan Black said she believed that although its influence may be less significant, it will still be included in future planning.
“All is not lost,” she said.