Suspect in deadly subway pushing charged with murder

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Photo courtesy of NYPD
Photo courtesy of NYPD

This suspect reportedly shoved a Queens man onto the subway tracks at a Manhattan station on Monday, December 3, killing him.

The suspect who allegedly pushed a Queens man to his death at a Midtown subway station has been charged with intentional murder in the second degree and depraved indifference murder in the second degree, said the NYPD.

Naeem Davis, 30, who is currently homeless, but according to the New York Post lived in Queens until six months ago, was picked up by police for questioning Tuesday near the vicinity of the West 49th Street and 7th Avenue station where the incident occurred.

While in custody, he reportedly made statements implicating himself.

In a video taken on the subway platform right before the shoving incident, the suspect was seen cursing and yelling at the victim, Ki-Suck Han, 58, of Elmhurst.

The alleged subway pusher was also caught on camera as authorities took him in for questioning.

Though the police’s description of the suspect said that he was wearing dreads, in the footage from yesterday, Davis is bald and may have shaved his head following the incident.

Video: NBC New York