Bound By Substance

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Queens-based band Bound By Substance is going strong after forming more than 10 years ago and has now released its second CD.
In September of 1998, drummer Matt Farina and guitarist Dino Colacito started playing together. They soon added bassist Angelo Marino and vocalist/keyboardist Henry Rzonca, and Bound By Substance was created.
In 2008, the band began working on its second album, “Dead Wrong,” which is a follow-up to their first CD release, “Rusted Time.” The CD contains songs that were written by the group over the last few years.
“The sound has changed drastically,” Rzonca said.
The group said that, compared to their previous release, they now sound more mature, driven and melodic. They also said that the album has better quality and is more refined.
“It sounds more like us than the other one,” Farina said.
The band has described their music as having “the feel that has a perfect balance of darkness and haunting beauty as well as a coexistence of joy and despair” and “believes depicting dramatic content within its music allows it to capture conflicting emotions that are deeply intertwined.”
Along with putting the album together, Bound By Substance has been doing many shows. During the summer of 2006, they were part of three dates for The Vans Warped Tour. A person they had formerly worked with called and told them about the opportunity to play on the Tour, and they took advantage of it.
The band said it was a lot of fun and that they wished they were able to continue with the tour for more than three dates. They also said that it was hard work.
Bound By Substance has a residency at The Bitter End in Manhattan and performs there on a regular basis. Other venues where the band has performed include CBGB’s, Webster Hall, Crash Mansion, The Continental, The Knitting Factory and The Pussy Cat Lounge, among others.
In 2007, Bound By Substance was also selected to have a track on the album “How We See the World.” Presented by the unofficial Coldplay fan website, the proceeds of the album will benefit Oxfan International.
When it comes to what sets Bound By Substance apart from other unsigned bands, the members said that they take it very seriously and have a good live show. They also said that the biggest challenge they face is reaching a larger audience.
“We want people to enjoy it. It’s entertainment,” Colacito said. “If you’re into rock, why not listen to our CD?”
The goal for Bound By Substance is to get to the level where the members could make being in the band a career.
“I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” Rzonca said of the group still being together. “We’ll play forever. We’ll play as long as it takes.”
Upcoming performances for Bound By Substance include a gig at Fontana’s at 8:45 p.m. on Thursday, February 19 and at The Bitter End 9 p.m. on Saturday, April 4.
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