Bonita Kasden

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Bonita, sister of Queens Courier contributor Cliff Kasden, passed away at age 63 of breast cancer. She was a retired teacher and the grandmother of seven. She was raised at the veteran’s co-op in Bayside, attended P.S. 46, J.H.S. 74, Francis Lewis High School and Queens College.

Below is the poem Kasden wrote and read as part of the eulogy.

A Poem for a Big Sister;




I found a photo,

Black and white, from 1959,

Two skinny kids, in summer’s sun,

Our parents right behind.

So many years have come and gone

Since warm South Fallsburg days,

Now life has dealt a fatal blow

And taken you away.

If only we had argued less,

If grandkids all were near,

If you had time in Florida,

If Mom and Dad were here.

If you had time to teach more kids,

With books your favorite guide,

If all your friends were well and strong,

All our relatives by your side.

If only you had stayed around

As their grandma, mom and wife,

If only you had savored

All the fruits of your unfinished life.

But wishes are just wishes,

They fade in hopeful mist.

If not, I wish you Eternity,

From brother to his only big sis.