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Mechanically Yours

Audra Fordin is the 4th generation owner, 1st female operator of her family business

Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop, founded in 1933. Audra took full ownership

of Great Bear, and the Flushing, New York location and has grown the business to nearly three times its size through her “tell not sell” educational service programs.

In keeping up with the automotive technology,  Audra and her team of technicians at Great Bear advanced their training and Certification in Hybrid Technology.  She is a native to Queens, recognized as A nationwide expert on radio and television and has been featured on primetime as well as in national trade and business publications.

Audra is also the Founder of,  which provides education and resources empowering women of all ages to be safe, confident and knowledgeable consumers, passengers and drivers.

The WomenAutoKnow community is where building relationships and rebuilding Trust in Auto Repair does exist.

Winter tips for the road
Mechanically Yours Audra Fordin 1/11/2013 at 5:42PM

Winter is here and one of the first things you should think about is road safety. First of all, turn on your local weather and have a good understanding of what you’re driving into! Are you worried about being late? Don’t be. Your life can depend on you leaving when the traffic and weather look good, and getting there when you [...]