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Developing Your Website

Neil Levin received a BA in Economics from Brooklyn College and was a pioneer in the online retail industry, running a successful web-based retail venture in 1995. Levin built upon his own experiences online when co-founding Webline Designs. To date Levin has worked on over 700 website design and development projects.  Outside of Webline, Levin is active in the New York City community. He currently sits on the Board of the Queens Chamber of Commerce and the Long Island City Business Development Corporation. He, and his wife JoAnn, live in Bayside.

Don’t Forget Your Website
Developing Your Website Neil Levin 12/07/2011 at 9:24AM

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, iPads, iPhones, Google; the endless supply of intereactive distractions grows every day.  Because of this, it is easy to forget your most visible tool on the Internet — your website. Your ability to tell your story on the web is dependent upon the quality of your website.  Since websites are a mature [...]