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Gil Cygler is the President of Allcar Rent A Car which is New York’s largest independent car rental company with offices in all 5 Boroughs. Founded in Brooklyn in the 1970′s, Allcar has grown to meet the car and van rental needs of New York’s business and consumer community. Allcar prides itself on its flexible terms, competitive rates and wide selection of cars to meet the needs of New Yorkers needing to rent a car or van.


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Peer to Peer Car Sharing
Allcar Gil Cygler 3/23/2012 at 7:45AM

There has been much talk in the papers and radio about Peer to Peer car sharing services. This is a new concept in the realm of car rental services. There are now several segments to the rent a car industry which did not exist a few years ago.   Most people associate the term car [...]

No Fault Insurance Fraud
Allcar Gil Cygler 3/07/2012 at 11:45AM

Last week the FBI and US Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced the arrests of 36 individuals who committed No Fault Insurance Fraud to the tune of $209 million dollars over the past several years. While I applaud the efforts of the NYPD, FBI and all the law enforcement agencies which were [...]

Things to consider when you’re in an auto accident
Allcar Gil Cygler 2/24/2012 at 10:48AM

There are so many things to consider when you’re in an auto accident including care and attention to any possible injuries, the repair of your car, and how the accident could affect your insurance premiums. There is another issue that you need to give some thought to – how will you get around after the [...]