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Recent legislation proposed by the New York City Council limiting the number licensed pedicabs by the Department of Consumer Affairs to 850 makes no sense. This is bad news for those who support a cleaner environment, free enterprise and transportation alternatives. Pedicabs are a nonpolluting form of public transportation powered by people not polluting fossil fuels. It represents a pure free market service with no government subsidy. Consumers are afforded another mode of choice vs walking, biking, taking a bus, taxi, subway or driving. The excuse that pedicabs contribute to traffic congestion is absurd. Several hundred pedicabs are outnumbered a thousand to one by other vehicles including taxis, limousines, FedEx, UPS, delivery trucks and automobiles who take up far more space. Justification for this legislation by Manhattan NYC Councilmember Dan Garodncik and colleagues that we have reached out saturation point with the number of pedicabs in operation is absurd. It would more logically apply to other vehicles on the streets. Pedicabs provide a great form of exercise and gainful employment for their drivers. These people are our neighbors and pay taxes just like you and I. Consumers including tourists continue to patronize this service on a voluntary basis. Everyone should read the NYC Campaign Finance Board filings by NYC Councilmembers. See if there was any political quid-pro-quo for those who want to limit pedicabs such as Manhattan NYC Councilmember Dan Garodnick and others who by fortunate coincidence received campaign contributions from the taxi industry. Doesn’t the New York City Council and Department of Consumer Affairs have more important issues to deal with than putting a small group of brave entrepreneurs out of business?