Why no Emmy?

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judge judy

I got to catch up with old friends Elaine Cohen Schwartz and Judith Sheindlin, a.k.a. “Judge Judy.”

Some of my readers know that my childhood friend is Judith Sheindlin, a.k.a. “Judge Judy.” We had dinner last week with another childhood friend, Elaine Cohen Schwartz. Elaine has become Judy’s assistant and it was a great to be a trio again.

We met at my favorite Manhattan restaurant, Fabio Piccolo Fiore on 44th Street between 2nd and 3rd. My friend Nick Nubile, who serves on the board of Life’s WORC with me, built the restaurant and partnered with the great chef Fabio to create both a beautiful environment and delectable menu. Every meal there is a memorable one and this night was no different.

Although I don’t see Judy often we always pick up where we left off, catching up on each other’s life and families.

As everyone knows Judy’s career has been a sensational success. So I asked her what’s going on with the Emmy Awards, since she was not nominated in her category this year. She was flummoxed about being ignored. For me it is totally unacceptable. There is no question that her success and phenomenal salary is because she’s so good at what she does; people watch her around the world! Her achievement is unmatched in TV history.

Unbeknownst to her I want to launch a grassroots campaign to show the “powers that be” she cannot be ignored. Could it just be jealousy because she has become such a sensation? Don’t tell me she does’t deserve her Emmy!