Who is really running City Hall these days

| lpenner@queenscourier.com |

One wonders if New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is in charge, rather than Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Consider that only four of 51 NYC Council members are Republican. Add to that the handful of moderate Democrats you can count on one hand such as Astoria Councilmember Peter Vallone, it is no wonder Speaker Quinn is the one really running City Hall. Well over 40 of the 47 Democratic City Councilmembers share Quinn’s very liberal politically correct philosophy of spend, tax, borrow and regulate. As such, she has more than enough votes to override any attempted veto’s of her increasingly more extreme legislation by lame duck Mayor Bloomberg. There are many members of Bloombergs key senior management team less than 19 months to go before a new mayor is sworn in and are either out the door or actively looking for new employment elsewhere. Other clubhouse Democrats hired by Bloomberg are ready to cozy up with one or more of the various 2013 Democratic Party Mayoral candidates including Quinn, Comptroller John Liu, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, former Comptroller Bill Thompson or Manhattan Boro President Scott Stringer. Many of Bloomberg’s appointees desire to keep their current jobs when Democrats recapture City Hall after a twenty year absence. Remember that old adage, “To the victor belongs the spoils?” One of the first acts of any new Democrat elected mayor in 2013 will be to clean house and replace hundreds of the Bloomberg management team currently running various municipal agencies and programs with faithful loyal club house supporters of their own.

Bloomberg has no one to blame but himself for his lame duck status. Contrast Bloomberg with former GOP Mayor Rudy Giuliani. His working partner was NYC Council Speaker Peter Vallone, Sr. a moderate Democrat who easily worked across the aisle with Republican Guiliani to solve the issues of the day. Vallone had enough more moderate Council members in the 1990’s who combined with the seven GOP Councilmembers to form a stable working majority. In Giuliani’s time, you did not have the tidal wave of politically correct liberal agenda as you have today under Speaker Quinn. Giuliani had Queens Republican Councilmembers Mike Abel, Anthony Stabile and Tom Olgibene joined by Charles Millard and Andrew Eristoff of Manhattan, Martin Golden of Brooklyn and Fred Cerillo of Staten Island. This resulted in a record of seven Republican Councilmembers. One would have to go back 50 years or more to the old NYC Board of Alderman, which preceded the NYC Council to find that many Republicans holding similar office.

Mayor Bloomerg’s legacy will be leaving the Big Apple as a one party politically correct liberal Democratic Party town. History has shown that this a recipe for disaster. It leaves the door at City Hall wide open for waste, fraud and abuse. This will result in a spiraling economic decline as the business community, investors and job creators continue to flee for more favorable climates elsewhere. With continued unemployment and less tax revenue coming in, this will trigger a decline of basic municipal services. Chaos and finger pointing will eventually be the order of the day.