Where are our role models ?

| fbedell@queenscourier.com |

The question I  now propose is where is today’s role models? This goes from our politicians, sports players, TV shows and in the movies. Our youth today admire and look up to sports players and TV personalities, who in my book leave much to be desired. It seems to me that as a society we are promoting betrayal, violence, promiscuity, and bullying. Let me also point out the video games being sold to our youth, some of which is quite violent and sexually explicit. That is a sad commentary about our society of today.

There was a time when our political leaders, sports figures, movies and television personalities presented the proper moral compass. There was at one time good moral programing. Let me name but a few such as: My three sons, Doctor Welby, The Donna Reed Show and let’s not forget Leave it to Beaver and Dennis the Manace. These programs showed parents who tried to lead their children in the right direction. These shows made those of us older Americans who we are today.

It shows me that today’s media wants to shape our youth in what they perceive today’s youth should be and not what is right and not possessing properly displayed behavior.

I guess good moral progaming doesn’t sell commercial products.