What is a Democratic State Committee Member?

| msilverstein@queenscourier.com |

For the past month I have been writing blog posts here on the Queens Courier website. All of these blog postings have been about issues that I believe affect the quality of life for all Queens’s residents. Today however, I am going to divert to a political issue. Many people have been asking me what exactly I do as Democratic State Committeeman. Let me paint a better picture of what a Democratic State Committee Member is and what there responsibilities are.


There is one male and one female Democratic State Committee Member for each of New York State’s 150 Assembly Districts. In total there are 300 Democratic State Committee Members. These 300 men and women in addition to the 62 County Democratic Party Chairs make up the New York State Democratic Committee.


A State Committee Member is an unpaid, volunteer, elected official who serves on the New York State Democratic Committee for a two year term. . In Queens County there are 18 Assembly Districts and thus there are 36 Democratic State Committee Members from Queens County. The State Committee Members are the Queens County Democratic Party’s delegates to the New York State Democratic Committee’s State Convention. At these conventions, the State Committee Members vote to endorse candidates for Statewide office. This past Monday the Democratic State Committee met for their State Convention and voted to endorse Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as our party’s nominee for United States Senate for the next six years.


I view the State Committee Member as a local liaison between the community and the Democratic elected officials. I also believe that a strong State Committee Member should be someone who is a strong  and effective advocate/activist for the leading issues impacting our neighborhoods. This is why you will see me at most meetings of Community Board 7 & 11 as well as all meetings of my local Democratic clubs which include the F.D.R. Democratic Club & The Jefferson Democratic Club. I also try very hard to attend as many Civic Association meetings as I can. I believe very strongly that our Civic Associations are the lifeblood of our neighborhoods and they are the vehicles for civic engagement.


I have been so honored to serve the 26th Assembly District since September 2010 as the male Democratic State Committee Member. I am always willing to listen to constituents to hear about their concerns and learn what issues are important to them. Please feel free to email me any time at msilverstein@hotmail.com if you think I can be helpful.