What a year!

| dbrennan@queenscourier.com |

2012. What a year it was. And what a finish to one of the busiest and newsiest years ever.

Over the summer, I was in Breezy Point, stunned by what Mother Nature had conjured up: a twister touched down and tore through a beach club. Little did we know that this would be made truly insignificant compared to what was coming later in the year.

In one night alone, the night Sandy roared ashore, a crane collapsed on 57th Street, water lapped up and over Battery Park, and a major hospital was evacuated. And that was only what happened in Manhattan.

At the same time, the south shore of Long Island and the Jersey Shore were being devastated by the storm surge. And the tri-state area will take years to recover.

Sandy was followed by Sandy Hook. A nut with a gun terrorized us once again. And the debate over guns, and what to do with the mentally disturbed people who gain access to them rages on.

In New York City, a spate of shootings seemed to make it feel like it was the 1970s again. A gunman opened fire outside the Empire State Building. A man was executed in broad daylight on 58th Street. A serial gunman was arrested after killing three Brooklyn shop-owners.

An out-of-control truck created carnage on the LIE.

And two more people were pushed onto subway tracks and were killed.

I was witness to some extraordinary events this year. I saw a spacecraft, SpaceX, launched at Kennedy Space Center.

I was in St. Peter’s Basilica when Timothy Dolan was elevated to Cardinal.

I interviewed a woman who gave birth to twins, on the side of two Long Island parkways,

The New York sports world was wackier than ever. The Jets became the ongoing soap-opera, and their season ended fittingly. The Giants, who won the Superbowl last year, didn’t even make it to the playoffs.

Johan Santana brought the Mets to new heights with the team’s first no-hitter. But that was the only highlight of the season.

The Yanks seemed to be ready to steamroll, but fell short even with their electrifying new addition, Ichiro.

The Nets opened the Barclays center, but have already fired their head coach.

The Knicks are making us all think of the glory days of Clyde and Earl the Pearl.

After all that happened in 2012, we could use a few quiet months. But of course, good luck with that.

Here’s to good news in 2013.