US Open faux pas

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I enjoyed every minute of the US Open, where I got to take a picture of Sean Connery!

Each year I have been honored to be invited as a guest of the USTA to visit the President’s Box and have a wonderful meal. This year it was the daytime matches that I was going to see along with my tennis-playing friend Lois Christie. With the daytime invitation comes a gift — a straw hat.

The box gives me a bird’s eye view of the courts and the magnificent players. This day was the finals of the mixed doubles and I loved every point they so masterfully scored. It brought back the memory of the sweet years when I was a member of a tennis club in Bayside and played my heart out. I never got beyond a “C” player, but I was serious enough to appreciate the hard work it takes to be a champion. But to get to the US Open means you are the best of the best in the world and I was fortunate to see them close up.

While sitting in my box seat, the huge monitor in the stadium showed a picture of Sean Connery, who was sitting directly in front of me! Of course I had my camera with me to capture the scene of the matches, and now there was my favorite actor. I walked down to tell him I adored him and asked if I could take his photo, but it turned out play was about to begin and the usherette urged me to sit.

I did, but not before a cameraman somewhere in the stadium caught me taking the photo. So it was one photographer taking a picture of another. But the one taking the photo was from the New York Post and in the next day’s paper there I was shooting the picture of Connery.