Tragedy in Japan

By Queens Courier Staff |

We all are grieving for the terrible loss of life in Japan. The earthquake and the tsunami have left much death and destruction and much homelessness. The U.S. military, like always, is the first in the relief efforts. Many nations are following our lead with food, medicine and supplies. As a world, we are many nations with conflicts with one another but it is heartwarming when we can all come together in this terrible disaster to help the people of Japan who are hurting. Like the song," We are the World," well, we truly are. In this sad economy, many of us are hurting but we all should give if we can even if it is a dollar or two, for every dollar counts. Remember this: the good of the many out-weighs the good of the one. Please give to the America Red Cross, Save the Children fund, Churches and Temples or any other organization that are in the effort to help Japan in their hour of need.