Track Your Visitors with FLOW

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Website owners who use Google Analytics or other forms of visitor tracking and analysis usually run into the same issue; what to do with all that visitor and traffic data? With all the reporting at your disposal, it’s sometimes overwhelming and difficult to figure out how to manage it all. Well, most of us shared these thoughts and surprisingly, Google listened.

The Google Analytics team announced “Flow Visualization”, a tool that allows you to graphically analyze your website and instantly understand how visits flow across pages on your site. In simple terms, this paints a clear picture of which areas of your website are attracting visitors and which areas are not. This gives site owners insight into what your visitors are interested in. “Visitor Flow” and “Goal Flow” will be accessible to all users starting this week.

“Visitor Flow” compiles your data for visitor flow through the site by traffic source into a comprehensive graph so you can see their journey as well as where their journey ended. The tool allows you to understand the success of specific pages, ads, and offers on your site.

“Goal Flow” provides a clear representation of the steps (defined by the owner) through your goal stages. Owners choose what they feel are the important pages of interest on the site. This shows you a distinct visual of how visitors interact with your site.

These two views provide great insight to making future decisions and creating an effective website. For more information regarding “Flow Visualization” visit where you get an in-depth look at the rollout of all the new visualization features.