To smoke or not to smoke

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To smoke or not to smoke that is the question being asked by the CDC. The Centers for Disease Control is embarking on a $54 dollars campaign aganist smoking. There will be billboards and in print, radio and TV showing the results of smoking in a graphic manner.They will show people with heart surgery, a tracheotomy, lost limbs and paralysis, which is all the results of smoking. This I think might shock some people and cause them to stop smoking. Since 2003 the smoking rate hasn’t really come down much. Even restricting where a person can smoke doesn’t seem to work and added to that our youth are still smoking. Now I have smoke for about 30 years and have quit twelve years ago and I am glad I did and feel great, that is so far. I did get the message because I woke up one day and decided I wanted to live longer and feel better instead of waking up at night coughing. There are many that don’t realize smoking doesn’t just effect them but their family as well. I really hope these ads work. For in my opinion even one life lost to smoking is a life that could have given more of themselves to others and their families.