Tips to Keep Pets Safe during Halloween Season

By Queens Courier Staff | |

Halloween is almost here, and children await the fun of trick-or-treating. But there are many dangers of Halloween that can be a threat to your pet’s health. Central Veterinary Associates urges pet owners to keep their pets safe this Halloween by following these tips:


● Keep all candy, especially chocolate, away from your pet. Chocolate contains Theobromine, which is toxic to your pet. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea or a rapid heartbeat, possibly death.

● The continuous ringing of the doorbell can upset a pet and the constant opening of the door is an opportunity for a pet to run into the street. Keep your pet in a relaxed and quiet area of your home away from the door.

● Keep lollipops and any candy with sticks out of your pet’s reach. These sticks, if swallowed, can potentially block or cut through an area from the stomach to the intestines.

● Dispose of empty candy wrappers. These materials cannot be digested and may cause a blockage or inflammation of the stomach or intestines.


“Halloween is supposed to be fun, but that fun can turn tragic if a pet accidentally ingests a piece of candy or runs past an open door when greeted by trick-or-treaters,” said Dr. Steven Fox, President and Chief Executive Officer, Central Veterinary Associates. “If in the event your pet becomes sickened, take them to the veterinarian immediately.”


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