The verdict is in for ‘Legally Blonde’ at FSFCTG

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Omigod, you guys!! Elle Woods is going to Law School! That’s really a case of blonde ambition!!

Elle’s been jilted by her boyfriend Warner (Christian Barnes). He’s found a serious brunette named Vivienne (Dena Cinque) to advance his career. Even so, Elle’s sorority sisters (Elizabeth Bell, Tanya Fiebert, Liv Nicole, Marcella Pogorelis) are confident she can follow Warner and win him back. All she has to do is get into Harvard.

How difficult could that be? But don’t let me spoil the story. You can still catch the FSF Community Theatre Group’s current production in downtown Flushing.

Anyway, beautiful Brittany Juilfs as the title blonde turns out to be quite a capable attorney. As a performer, she radiates a rare combination of confidence and vulnerability that is unmistakable. Her exuberance, energy and genuine world view are only challenged by the many young singers and dancers. They clearly provide their best efforts onstage throughout the evening.

Elle’s mentor and new boyfriend Emmett is portrayed with a warm smile and good common sense by Paul Regan. He’s a great example of nice guys finishing first! Gymnastics millionaire and leggy murder suspect Brooke Wyndham (Britain Gebhardt) is both firm and trusting. That is, when she fires lascivious Professor Callahan (Gene Ferrari) and hires Elle Woods as her legal counsel. By the way, what vindictive secret is Chutney Wyndham (Christine Rivas) guilty of concealing?

But the performer most guilty of stealing is Amanda Doria. She steals the show from start to finish with an incredible array of physical humor, total command of the stage, and an outstanding singing voice. Wow!! She certainly earns the affection of her dream guy (Erik Neilssen).

A truly outstanding cast of young people, too numerous to name individually, offer unwavering energy, fine singing, outstanding dancing, excellent comedic sensibility and a strong sense of understanding the play’s greater meaning. All of this carries across to the audience for well earned applause. Kudos of course to Director

Maryellen Pierce, Musical Director Paul L. Johnson and Choreographer David Arzberger.

The troupe is housed at The Free Synagogue of Flushing (enter at 41-60 Kissena Blvd). For information on this show, surf to or email them at You can also call (718) 428-8681. What about their spring production? As always, save me a seat on the aisle.