The Pajama Game at Marathon Little Theatre Group

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Everybody’s a winner when labor battles management in the beloved musical comedy; “The Pajama Game”. The Marathon Little Theatre Group completes their 23rd year with their latest lighthearted production.

The story focuses on a serious situation between garment factory workers and their employers in the late 1950s. Instead of drama, the audience is treated to a wonderfully romantic, disarming, musical comedy.

Heather Bilczic as union powerhouse Babe Williams has a strong, reassuring voice. She also has a strong attraction to management’s Sid Sorokin, played with a great tenor lilt by Gary Ducoing.

As is typical of many community productions, the onstage and backstage talents are related to each other.

Let’s start with three members who share the same surname. First is confident, competent and effervescent director Barbara Auriemma She is complemented by her son Austin J.Auriemma and her husband Frank Auriemma. All three elevate the show with their ability to engage the audience. Frank is Hines, the neurotic efficiency expert for Sleep-Tite Pajamas. His hysterical “schtick” is done to perfection, from his loudly mismatched costume to his cross-eyed musical confessions.Austinalso convincingly inhabits his character, Prez. He’s the charming, skirt chasing but absolutely dedicated and determined union president. His advances are parried by Mae (Jane Kharkover).

Tanya Fiebert is giggly Gladys. She portrays the slightly scatterbrained but well meaning boss’ secretary with appealing sincerity and an infectious smile. Community theatre veteran Sue Fiebert has performed diligently on local stages for more than two decades. She enjoys performing as Mabel alongside Tanya who happens to be her granddaughter.

Producer Sandi Plotkin is a mainstay of the troupe. Ever present Bob Plotkin is also a positive influence. Set designer Linda Cashman enlists several family members for theatrical support. Cigar chomping, penny pinching and slightly unscrupulous factory bigwig Mr. Hasler is well played by Bob Alpert. Nods to his son Josh, a member of the ensemble. Musical Director Rhea Arkin and Choreographer Lindsay Levy are welcome members of the MLTG family despite the absence of immediate relatives onstage.

There is one more weekend of performances at 245-37 60th Avenue (Marathon Jewish Community Center) in Douglaston. For information call (718) 229-4644 or surf to