The Mystery Of The Weekly Unlimited Express Bus MetroCard

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For the past year, I have been taking the QM2 express bus from Bay Terrace into Manhattan every morning. I have been very pleased with the QM2 as my means of transportation to and from work every day. My only problem has been why is it so difficult to purchase a weekly unlimited express bus MetroCard.

A weekly unlimited express bus MetroCard costs fifty dollars. The only place to purchase this MetroCard is at a subway station. I have tried to purchase this MetroCard at the vending machines at all the local LIRR stations with no luck. The only MetroCards sold at the LIRR stations vending machines are twenty dollar pay per ride MetroCards.

This has made me very frustrated. If you live in North East Queens like I do, you know that the only subway station closeby is Flushing Main Street. So unless you travel all the way into Flushing or some other subway station, there is no place to purchase a weekly unlimited express bus MetroCard.

If the LIRR stations vending machines already sell MetroCards, I don’t understand why they can’t be reprogrammed to sell the weekly unlimited express bus MetroCard. This would make the lives of North East Queens express bus commuters easier. This must be an oversight on behalf of the MTA.

My message to the MTA new Chairman Joseph Lhota is to treat North East Queens commuters fairly. Stop treating us like second class citizens. We are a community that depends on surface transit and currently it is too complicated for commuters who rely on the express bus to purchase their weekly unlimited MetroCards. There must be something you can do to help make our commutes easier.