The Marvelous Magical Month of May

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How sweet it is! Marvelous May began for me with our May 19 Top Women in Business bringing out over 800 people; on May 21 my beloved son Josh marries the love of his life Tracey and my granddaughter Morgan celebrates her second birthday and then, to top off the month, on May 24 at 2:40 a.m. my beautiful daughter in Dallas gives birth to a healthy 4 lb 14 oz baby girl! It doesn’t get better than this. The joy, the relief, the high of all highs – a new life has come to us!

It was a rocky road to get Addison Grace into our lives. Elizabeth had been on bed rest in the hospital for three weeks, mother and child holding out until the magical 36 weeks arrived. Monday, May 23 was the target and she went home from the hospital. But Addison wasn’t waiting any longer, so by 9 p.m. that night the pains began and there was waiting no longer. At last she arrived – a healthy, perfect baby! May must now be my favorite month!

Saturday was a magical day. The sun shone only once in 10 days and it was for Josh’s wedding.

It was held at the elegant Water’s Edge in LIC. Its breathtaking views of Manhattan were seen through crystal clear skies and everyone was able to enjoy the outside terrace overlooking the sparkling city.

In a moving marriage ceremony my beloved son Josh walked three times around his bride and she doing the same then walking together duplicating the ritual. It meant so much to me to see how the symbolic walk was adopted to modern times and how much they are committed to each other. Their looks, their smiles melted my heart. So began the fastest day of my life, I only wish there is a way to stop the clock and hold the moment that is now a memory to be cherished and held in mind pictures and then photos to be held.

How do I share my overwhelming feelings of joy, tears and much laughter?

We had been planning the wedding for over a year. Josh and now wife Tracey had decided they wanted to be married in Queens where Josh and I feel so connected. We took Tracey to see our favorite space for a wedding in our beloved borough, the Water’s Edge, on the tip of the East River overlooking the spectacular views of Manhattan. Tracey immediately fell in love with it too and so the planning began. Since Tracey’s mom lives in San Jose, California she let us do most of the planning, always staying in touch.

But as two adults with their own ideas I took a back seat and watched and advised as I was asked. After all, I wanted to protect my relationship with my adored son and develop a caring, loving, respectful one with Tracey, a girl I would hope to become a daughter to me.

At the wedding when toasts were being offered I shared with our guests how I felt about Tracey. Many “strangers” (members of her family), from all over the country whom I had never met before were learning about our family. So I shared with them that that Josh had three sisters, but only one, Samantha, was with us at the wedding. Elizabeth was in the hospital in Dallas on bed rest trying to hold off her baby’s birth planned for June 20 and Lara, his oldest sister, had passed away when she was 17.

I explained to the loving guests “Although her life was brief her influence was enormous. She taught me so much! Because of Lara, people with disabilities are treated with dignity and nourishment in group homes and day program. But how I miss her love, her hugs, her kisses, her being my daughter and all that encompasses. So today I feel I got back my daughter. Tracey, we embrace you and love you as a daughter and may your life with Josh be joyous and loving. Welcome to the family!”

We then danced the night away to the brilliant Hank Lane band playing endlessly into the wee hours of the night.

Thanks to my friend Mike Kouros of Bravo Sound who sent a videographer to tape the wedding ceremony and then edited it for YouTube. Within an hour Elizabeth in her hospital bed viewed the wedding ceremony.

What a wedding! What a memory. What a marvelous May it has been. I am so grateful. May the sun continue to shine on them forever.