The best macaroons I ever ate

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Who would have thought that by being on the board of the Queens Museum of Art I would have the opportunity to taste the best macaroons I ever ate. Now don’t laugh. I promise you sweet things can happen to you to in the most unexpected ways.

When Danny Cohen, a co-member of the board, mentioned to me that he was creating macaroons I asked for a sample, never expecting the treats I received.

I’d grown up eating macaroons only at Passover, the Jewish holiday that requires us to eat only foods without flour. So macaroons from a can were one of the desserts I loved. I have now travelled to a new world of treats — macaroons that are light like a feather, a must-have dessert!

Danny sent me a variety of his products with the note “Enjoy these with people who make you smile.” Well not only did I smile but everyone I shared the delectable macaroons with did too.

He sent me a sampling including chocolate dipped macaroons in decadent dark chocolate with double chocolate toppings, and red velvet, a twist on an old classic with cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans. Oh my!

Sadly there are no Queens locations to buy the Danny Macaroons, but they are worth ordering from their website or visiting Bergdorf Goodman’s bar where the treats are sold. As an added value they are all gluten free, made with premium coconut, egg whites, and a “little bit of love.” If you want to excite your palate, order them at Try it, you’ll love it!