That’s life!

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We all celebrated Jonah’s birthday at Shiro of Japan.

How can I write about last week without reflecting on the snow. It may have been fun for my grandkids and all the kids that were off from school, but it was devastating for endless numbers of businesses. We had to postpone our major networking event, “Rising Stars” — the first time we’ve ever postponed in the 13 years we have been doing these events.

We didn’t want to endanger our guests and have few people present to salute the very special people we were honoring, the “40 under 40!” We have rescheduled for February 27. Tickets are still available by calling 718-224-5863, ext. 226 or by emailing

With all the snow, many people stayed home, fearing moving their cars and never finding a parking space again or getting a flat tire from one of the endless potholes (I had both a flat tire and a bent rim, costing over $500 to fix). Some were just not willing to take on the nasty weather.

During the first storm it took me two-and-a-half hours for a 20 minute ride to get home. I clung to the steering wheel, desperately fearing I would be blinded by the freezing snow accumulating on my windshield, even with the wipers working at full blast. I was so grateful to get home safely I decided I wouldn’t venture out during the next storm. Little did I suspect it would come so soon.

I’m a big believer in “going with the flow” but these last weeks have challenged us all. I hope all of you were safe and encourage you to share your “snow stories” with us by emailing

Despite the dangerous conditions, I find the snow startlingly beautiful as it glistens and glows with icicles hanging from my gutters. I set up my desk and worked from home on Thursday, but by Friday I was willing and able to venture out.

And by Saturday, it got nasty again. But then the sun stunningly came out on Sunday, just perfect for the celebration of my darling Jonah’s fifth birthday.

Elizabeth decorated Jonah’s room with dozens of blue and orange balloons and when he woke at 6:30 a.m. I heard his squeals and screams of excitement and joy seeing the pile of presents his mom had lovingly wrapped these last few weeks. He is a passionate Skylanders fan and she even found a tablecloth, plates and napkins to match for a special breakfast. I loved how innocently he cried with joy, “this is the best day of my life!”

His aunt Samantha invited Jonah and his sister Addison and mom Elizabeth to have a second breakfast with Blake and Morgan and then all of us headed to Chuck E. Cheese, everyone’s favorite indoor party space. It’s a remarkable, open, bright place with dozens of games, tiny rides for the toddler set, Chuck E. Cheese characters and food. Josh and Tracey brought little Hudson and he was enamoured by the sounds and action.

We ended the day with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Shiro of Japan in Westbury (there is also one in Glendale at the beautiful Shops At Atlas Park). I know the owner, Peter Faccibene, would be happy to know that every hibachi table was filled and people were waiting, when we left at about 8 p.m. The kids love the hibachi meal and the drama of the chefs who prepare the food before your eyes.

In fact, Hudson was mesmerized by the waiter creating a fierce flame out of onions that appeared like a volcano! He jumped back and then squealed with joy at the sight.

My favorite food at Shiro is the sushi. They were the first Japanese restaurant on Long Island to bring sushi to us and to this day it’s the best you will find anywhere.

An eventful week that went from disappointment at having to postpone our event to great joy being surrounded by all my children, as we celebrated Jonah’s birthday. That’s life!

Hudson loved every minute at Chuck E. Cheese

Addison and big brother Jonah enjoying the snow

Though we’re weather weary, the icicles hanging from my house are very beautiful to behold