Sunnyside, Queens no longer needs an introduction

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In the past decade Sunnyside has shed its stereotype as just another mundane, middle-income Queens neighborhood. Today it is better known as a vibrant, bustling and highly sought-after area. There has been an influx of artists and professionals, a mushrooming of upmarket restaurants, and an expansion in desirable stores.

In fact, in April 2010, New York Magazine ranked Sunnyside No. 3 of The 50 Best Places to Live In New York City, calling it a hidden gem!

In short, Sunnyside is thriving. As president of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, I can proudly say that at no time has the area been more “buzzworthy” and poised to move ahead.

Sunnyside offers the essential components that any business owner or resident seeks. It’s just a 16-minute ride to Grand Central Station, while the crime rate is low and the public schools are good.

In 2011, the city rezoned Sunnyside, which brought much excitement for developers.

So it’s not surprising that the Sunnyside commercial real estate market has returned to its 2008 highs, aided by a firmer retail marketplace.

With everything that this flourishing town has going for it right now, it’s fair to say that things have never looked “sunnier” for Sunnyside.