Stop, stand and start moving

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Is it possible to add two years to your life by sitting less throughout the day? What about reducing the time spent watching TV? According to researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA this is not only true but an issue that most of the population faces. U.S. adults sit on average four and a half to five hours a day which has a significant effect on the body and mind.  Researchers believe that sedentary behavior is a risk factor similar to smoking and obesity as well as other studies suggest it may be responsible for about 173,000 cases of cancer per year.

The alarming news is especially scary for business professionals working in an office setting who claim being sedentary is unavoidable.  Let’s take it a step further; can being mobile at the office relate back to business productivity? I think so and here’s how:

  1. You’ll open the way for creativity- many good ideas don’t come from sitting at your desk. Physical activity helps spark creativity.
  2. You’ll find out what’s going on around you- you can learn from colleague or other business professionals around you just by casually chatting with them.
  3. You’ll work more effectively- short intervals for relaxation allows you to sustain high levels of effort more often.
  4. You’ll like your job more- if you never stop to take a break, it’s hard to experience job satisfaction.
  5. You’ll reap the benefits of building a sense of community at your office- the workplace rewards people who are well liked; when you take breaks you get to know others and give others a chance to know you.
  6. You’ll feel better at the end of the day-  actively taking breaks away from your desk will allow you to have less stressful evenings without headaches or negative energy.

Reducing the amount of time sitting can improve your health and make you more effective on the job. So make sure you get up, stretch and walk during work hours even if the rest of society isn’t. Plus, do you really want to short yourself two years?