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Bob Nesoff, acclaimed author and travel writer -- among other things -- will soon be blogging on our website.

Being in the news business provides me with endless opportunities to meet interesting people, and one of them is renaissance man Bob Nesoff.

I found Bob through my interest in writing about my travels. Thanks to the Internet I found him through his travel writing. I soon learned that he and his wife Sandy Levine, both award winning journalists, have been writing about their world travels for decades.

The husband and wife duo have been to such special places as Tahiti, Croatia and Africa, and through their writing there is a feeling that “you are there.”

Bob began his career in journalism with a weekly newspaper in the Rockaways, taking a job as an ad representative. That lasted until he was able to convince the editor to let him write a column, “On The Beach,” which was an insight into the people and happenings of the Rockaway peninsula.

He moved to a position with a New York City magazine firm and within five months was managing editor of one of its divisions. But the newspaper bug was too strong and he became a reporter for two major daily newspapers in New Jersey, winning some 40 journalism awards over the years.

At the request of several federal agents he took over a newspaper for the Federal Criminal Investigators Association and then served the organization as its national representative, often appearing before Senate committee hearings in Washington.

He was also director of investigations for the Stein Commission, headed by then Assemblymember Andrew Stein, and led investigations into nursing homes and funeral homes, exposing harsh treatment of patients and unethical activities in funeral homes. One of his major exposes was a Queens Boulevard funeral home snagged for using high pressure techniques on bereaved families.

After retiring from his multiple careers, Bob decided to finally finish a book he had put on the back burner. Using his knowledge of world travel, he completed his first novel, Spyder Hole, and the reviews have been spectacular.

“Spyder Hole grabs and holds you from the first page. It pulls you into a dangerous and treacherous world of black ops and political intrigue. This is good old fashioned suspense with heart stopping twists,” said award winning writer Juan Gomez-Jurado.

Spyder Hole can be purchased at Amazon.com or at Barnes & Noble at BN.com. Your copy can be autographed by simply contacting him at Bobmetnews@aol.com or the old fashioned way by phoning him at 201-385-2000. This page turner simply can’t be put down!

Look for Bob’s travel tips and travel columns on our website as he begins a travel blog for our readers on www.queenscourier.com.