‘Sovereign’ Ends Honeycomb Trilogy

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Gideon Productions Sovereignw

The final presentation of Gideon Production’s Honeycomb trilogy “Sovereign” by Mac Rogers will run for just one more weekend at the Secret Theatre

The war’s over! The insects lost! Or did they?

The final presentation of Gideon Production’s Honeycomb trilogy “Sovereign” by Mac Rogers will run for just one more weekend at the Secret Theatre, located at 44-02 23rd Street in Long Island City. The troupe’s first two installments, “Advance Man” and “Blast Radius,” have drawn us inexorably to the final segment’s emotional crescendo.

In “Sovereign,” 20 years after the alien invasion, the giant insects seem to be losing ground. Among the human martyrs are “the 51” who were driven to the ultimate sacrifice by the charismatic words of the rebel leader, Ronnie. She has since become the ruthless governor for one of the few earth settlements. Now portrayed by Hanna Cheek, she skillfully undertakes the lead role. In this segment of the trilogy she is a firm, decisive leader who reveals an appealing vulnerability when it is least expected.

Her younger brother Abbie, well played by Stephen Heskett, is still his sister’s equal in shrewdness and determination. He maintains the story’s emotional urgency triggered by Ronnie’s verbal and visual presence.

Poor Zander (Matt Golden) wants to do everything just right. But he doesn’t have the backbone. Golden provides the right amount of humor and drama for the role. Alien “anthropologist” Claret (Erin Jerozal) is as much out of her natural element as Zander. However, her fear and confusion bring out a different type of visceral reaction.

Soft spoken but driven defense attorney Tanya (Medina Senghore) is a powerful link in this futuristic thriller. Senghore is outstanding as a tigress waiting to pounce. The rights of the downtrodden are her sword and shield.

Bug bashers Wilkie and Sharp (Neimah Djourabchi, Daryl Lathon) simultaneously provide humor, terror and unswerving loyalty. Sara Thigpen as Fee, often in the shadows, emerges to articulate Ronnie’s conscience. Budeen (C.L. Weatherstone) is excellent as an ignorant farmer.

Director Jordana Williams and Producer Sean Williams deliver a top level cast that challenges the audience to take sides. Is the Honeycomb’s destruction really the best solution? Who are the true moral monsters, the humans or the aliens?

Gideon Productions are part of the BFG collective. Email them at www.bfgcollective.com or www.gideonth.com or call the box office at 718-392-0722.

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