Something about Hillary

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Hillary for mayor? As unusual as that sounds, it apparently has a nice ring to it for Mayor Bloomberg. A report says Bloomberg called the Secretary of State recently and encouraged her to run for mayor.

Mrs. Clinton was not interested. She might have her eyes on the White House, and perhaps considers that job a bit more attractive.

But what does this say about the mayor’s apparent pick to succeed him? He awkwardly had City Council Speaker Christine Quinn by his side while taking questions on the Clinton call (which he did not specifically deny).

Bloomberg quickly jumped to Quinn’s defense: “This woman has made an enormous difference in the city, she’s a leader, and I have nothing but respect for her,” Bloomberg said. “… I don’t know who’s going to run, but if you want to start a fight between me and Chris Quinn, you’re not going to do it, it’s cheap, lousy journalism.”

The old shoot-the-messenger gambit.

But nonetheless, it’s hardly a ringing endorsement when the mayor is calling around to find a successor.

And who else is on the mayor’s call list? Imagine the possibilities! Maybe a former President, Bill Clinton! He may have more time on his hands, since he won’t be running for anything in 2016, and perhaps wants to try out the second-toughest job in America now that he’s already dealt with the first.

In the meantime, there’s something about Hillary. She is always the most intriguing figure on the political scene, and her next move will matter to many other careers.

A run for president in 2016 might stop another potential candidate, Andrew Cuomo, from moving forward. And if it’s true that Vice President Joe Biden really thinks he can succeed Barack Obama, he would face a formidable threat from Mrs. Clinton.

For now, Clinton’s day job will be keeping her busy, but she is expected to be stepping down soon. Then, expect a new round of questions as she contemplates whether she wants to run for president all over again.

Mrs. Clinton just turned 65 years old, and is certainly young enough to take on a new challenge. But how will she feel four years from now, and what will the political landscape be?

As always, Americans will be following her every move.