So many to thank

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Card for Stu

Artist Issa Ibrahim drew this lovely figure on a card to me.

It was overwhelming to have experienced the outpouring of love and support after the passing of my beloved Stu. The touching notes, flowers, donations to two worthwhile causes in his memory and gifts of food from well wishers nourished my mind, my soul and my body.

I was amazed at the multiple messages of kindness and thoughtful wishes.

A unique card came from my friends at the Living Museum at Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital in Queens Village. It meant so much to me to receive their messages that read “Farewell Stuart, and bon voyage in your journey back home to Heaven. We will miss you.” The beautiful message was signed by many of the artists with a wonderfully touching image of an angel rising to Heaven on the cover. So personal and so special.

The world-recognized artists who work at the Living Museum have all had a mental illness. Under the nurturing, talented, passionate direction of Dr. Janos Marton they have shown their unique works around the world. The Queens Museum had an exhibit of their pieces several years ago and I had a show at the Courier/Mittman Art Gallery at our Bayside offices. I own some of the artists’ works because I found them so powerful.

Another one of the beautiful cards I received included the poem by Dylan Thomas “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.” Its tender words reminded me of the year-long battle Stu fought to stay alive.

Over the years Stu weekly bought me flowers when he went to Pathmark supermarket to do our grocery shopping. So it meant so much to me these last few weeks since he passed to receive so many beautiful bouquets and plants. Somehow I feel he is around me. I hate, as the days pass, to have to throw out the dead ones. I’m trying to keep the flowers “alive.”

I learned from my dear friend Barry Kleinert, who has owned a floral store for years, the trick of preserving orchids. He and his caring wife Debra Markell had come for Passover seder with Claire and Mel Shulman and my three children and their children. They had brought me a gorgeous, elegant double orchid plant. Barry gave me the directions to keep it alive: put a few ice cubes in once a week. I will report if the orchid survives. I’m a plant killer by reputation!

So many thanks to so many people. I will always cherish their support.