Shredding for Safety

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Democratic State Committeeman Matthew Silverstein and Welcome To Whitestone Civic President Devon O'Connor shredding some old newspapers.

This past Saturday, The Welcome To Whitestone Civic Association, Democratic State Committeemember Matthew Silverstein and The Waterside Estates at Cresthaven Homeowners Association were proud to sponsor a free document shredding event in the Whitestone Key Food Shopping Center.

Over 75 people showed up, some with a few pages such as phone bills and credit card statements and others with cases full of old medical files, social security information and hundreds of other documents that you wouldn’t want identity thieves to get a hold of.

According to a study, as many as 9 million Americans become victims of identity theft each year. Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information such as your credit cards, social security number or even your own name to commit fraud. Victims of identity theft may be denied credit loans for education, housing or cars all because someone ruined their credit score by making false purchases in the victim’s name.

Some residents found it to be silly that community leaders would host a shredding event but what we don’t realize is how vulnerable we are once we put out our trash for weekly collection. Until it is picked up, that trash can is sitting in front of your house in the dark of night as an open invitation for identity thieves hoping to hit the jackpot by finding documents with all of your personal information.

Protect yourself! Keep all documents with personal information about you and your family in a safe place. All other documents with you and your family’s personal information should be shredded either at a community shredding event or by purchasing a personal shredder. Our event was able to collect over 5,000 pounds of now recyclable paper and protect everyone who participated.  This is the single most important way an individual is able to keep their identity their own!

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