Shhh! Here’s the secrets to cruise cuisine delicacies

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Photo by Bob Nesoff
Photo by Bob Nesoff

Passengers from Uniworld enjoying lunch in Croatia at the home of a local resident. They enjoyed a hearty meal and had an opportunity to interact with the locals.

 If the Pentagon and CIA ever decided it wanted to learn how to develop a weapon and keep it secret from anyone else in the world, it might take a cue from the great chefs on this planet.  That holds especially true for cruise line chefs.

Accomplished chefs whose dining rooms float across the world’s oceans and seas work, sometimes for years, to develop and perfect recipes that will tempt, delight and bring guests back time after time.  Cruise lines often promote their chefs to an ever-increasingly competitive market.

The top cruise lines today offer enormous salaries, benefits and incentives to chefs because dining afloat is one of the great pleasures of cruising.  A bad meal or two, or one that is not up to par, can cost a line many future bookings.

No wonder they keep their best recipes under wraps.

Not anymore.  Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, arguably one of the best intimate cruise lines, has given anyone with a computer access to some of its better meals.

Imagine sailing smoothly and peacefully on the Danube and sitting down to Cambodian Khmer Mushroom Salad; or linguine with clams and zucchini?

As a disclaimer, a cruise line that plies the rivers of the world, not all the meals are the same on every itinerary.  Uniworld strives to provide guests with the best of local cuisine as well as continental fare.

If you’d like to try the above recipes as well as Portuguese Salt Cod or Chocolate Hazelnut Cake, click here for detailed recipes.

All of the recipes have been prepared by such masters as Bernard Zorn, Uniworld’s culinary director and a global master chef, or Daniel Rocco Vasilescu, Uniworld’s corporate chef.

Now mind you, this is not to denigrate the chefs of any other cruise line as they are all at the top of their profession.  Uniworld caters to a different set of people cruising.  Major liners are literally floating mega-hotels.  Uniworld’s boutique ships are far more intimate in an atmosphere where passengers actually get to know and interact with each other.  In many cases friendships are made that last well beyond the end of the cruise.

For detailed information click here.

With this in mind, the line’s chefs know that they are dealing with a very discerning group of passengers who have taken many cruises and expect nothing less than the best.

Going with that thought in mind the line has launched a new ship, the Super Ship, Maria Theresa that will sail along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers next season.

In 2015 Uniworld will offer six new itineraries that range from eight days in Belgium and the Netherlands to 22 days in France.  European itineraries are all inclusive giving the passenger the opportunity to know precisely what the trip will cost.

Itineraries will include such diverse and exotic locales as St. Petersburg in Russia to Spain, Portugal, Austria and Romania.

The line offers included tours in each of its ports of call to give passengers an opportunity to truly visit each country and enjoy local ambiance.  There are optional tours offered as well and many of them are not to be missed.

On the Danube cruise passengers are given the opportunity to dine with residents in their homes.  This is a wonderful chance to see how the locals live and sample the foods they eat.  There is nothing fancy here but it is something that will bring you closer to the feeling and ambiance of that country.

Be sure to check with a travel agent or directly with Uniworld to see what the offerings are. The line offers combination airfare and cruise combinations to permit some major savings over all.