Senator John McCain disses all of Long Island

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Dear Editor;

Senator John McCain has just dissed Long Island by saying,” Last I checked, Long Island was a part – albeit sometimes regrettably – part of the United States of America.” I guess the Senator thought this was a joke. I believe not everyone thinks so.

Those of us from Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk which comprises Long Island, don’t think this was funny but an insult. There is a long list of accomplishments from Long Island like our many veterans who fought in WWII to our present conflicts and have worked here and settle and built homes here. Let’s not forget that engineers have built the lunar module and added to that scientists in Cold Spring Harbor Lab decipher the code for DNA.

I would like to applaud Senator Charles Schummer who came to our defense and said,” All America saw how heroric Long Islanders were on 9/11, Long Island deserves an apology.” Let me also mention all those who came to aid in the aftermath of Sept. 11 are now sick and dying. How dare Senator McCain say that Long Island is regrettably part of the United States. Well being John McCain was a former member of the United States Navy like I was he needs to remember this slogan ,” Lose lips sink ships.”

Shame , Shame on you McCain for disses those who gave life and limb for God and country from Long Island. If you agree or disagree please let me hear from you.