Sanctity of Marriage

By Queens Courier Staff |

I have just read a letter sent to me titled, “The Sanctity of Marriage,” by Bishop Nicholas DiMazio of the Brooklyn-Queens Diocese. I agree with the Bishop that some of our politicians are jumping the fence to vote for same sex marriage and that in my book is very sad. I guess this is being done for political gain and not base on their moral convictions.
Now as a Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus, I firmly believe that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. In my view marriage is a reality with specific content. It has meant from the beginning of history, the commitment of a man and a woman to one another as the basis of a permanent union open to the procreation of children. Now the state seeks to change this and that troubles many of us who have deep religious beliefs concerning the sacred bonds of marriage. As things stand now in Albany, I believe same sex marriage will pass. But as Bishop DiMarzio pointed out in his letter which I believe will hold true, “A radical step is being taken that will remove the most basic, essential characteristic of marriage and change its very fundamental nature.”