Salary vs. Social Media: What do Millennials really want?

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I recently read an article that I found, well, extremely surprising.   Astounding, even.  As part of its second annual Connected World Technology Report, Cisco surveyed 1,400 students and 1,4000 young professionals aged 21-29 in 14 countries, inquiring about their technology behaviors and viewpoints. The results of the survey were released in mid November and show startling results.  One in three colleges considers the Internet to be as important as fundamental human resources like air, water, food and shelter.

The survey took things a step further and found that one in three college students and young employees under the age of 30 would priorities social media freedom and device flexibility over salary in accepting a job offer.  Even more unbelievably, over half of college students globally would turn down a job with a company that banned staff access to social media, or would find a way around the policy.

As a small business owner with many young employees, I understand the connection that this generation has with social media and technology.  But to take it this far?  I couldn’t believe it.  These numbers just seemed staggeringly high.    I asked some of my younger employees who fit into the survey age range and received dramatically different answers.  Not a single one of my employees would turn down a job if access to social media or their devices were banned, and all of them rated salary higher than social media concerns.

I can’t help but wonder about the 1,400 young people polled.  Are they living at home? Employed?  Job hunting or still in college for the most part?  Would they really pass up a job opportunity, the opportunity to strike out on their own, just because they were denied access to social media?  Or are these the ideals of college students living in dorms with no idea of the realities of car payments, rent, etc?

Any feedback from a young professional or college student aged 21-29 is welcome.  Tweet @BassoOnBusiness  your thoughts to the follow questions or make sure to leave your comments on my Facebook at How would you answer the questions on the importance of salary vs social media access and whether or not you would decline a job offer if social media access is denied?   For all the business owners, have you experienced an instance where someone turned down a job over social media access?  Or negotiated to have access to social media and electronic devices such a smart phone?  I look forward to hearing from all of you!