Praise for NYPD’s Survellance

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Commissioner Ray Kelly has done what is necessary to keep all of us safe. That includes Christians, Jews, Muslims and all religious, racial and ethnic groups.

Terrorism knows no bounds and its only objective is to kill as many people as possible. Therefore, in my opinion, potential Islamist extremists are a threat to all of us. I do not believe as others are saying that NYPD’s surveillance is a violation of civil rights. I think instead NYPD is attempting to protect our rights, which is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As Mayor Mike Bloomberg said the other day, “We cannot let our guard down.” He further went on to stress that NYPD’s anti-terrorism efforts is appropriate and constitutional for police to keep a close eye on Muslim communties that terrorist may use as a base from which to strike.

He is qute right about that, for we don’t want another 9/11. The NYPD is working hard to see this doesn’t happen, for all of our lives depend upon that. Remember this : Evil thrives when good people do nothing!