Pirate Pete’s Parrot at Little Secret Theatre

| ckasden@queenscourier.com |

It’s Ana’s birthday. A dozen or so of her closest friends have an important job. They have to find Pirate Pete’s runaway parrot! She’s sick of birdseed and just flew the coop! Meanwhile, there’s a pirate ship full of colorful characters that interact with all the children. They hunt for buried treasure, make new friends and help Mama Pam make pancakes.

Seriously, though, the cast are all very talented professional performers. They are led by Richard Mazda, the artistic director of the Secret Theatre’s entire performance complex. He plays good ole sea captain, Pirate Pete. Uh oh! Be careful. If you don’t obey his rules, you’ll have to walk the plank.
Polly, the Parrot (Talia Aull) is dressed in bright feathers with a blue-green painted band across her eyes. She’s really a very likable birdie, and she sings beautifully. There are some other good guy pirates on board. They include a very Jolly Roger (Jamie Roach) who seems genuinely happy to be entertaining a crew of smiling young ones and their parents. Two more hands on deck include energetic McEye (Connie Costanzo) and lean, mean Miroslav (Ilinca Kiss).

Look out! Here comes Bruce the Lion (C.L. Weatherstone). He’ll scare you with his corny jokes and silly songs. But most of all, beware of Baron Big Butt (Nicholas Delgado) and his henchman Septimus (Amanda Durst). Do they have hearts of gold underneath all that bluster?

Speaking of hearts of gold, it’s a good thing Mama Pam (Terry Olear) is around. She makes the most delicious chocolate pancakes. What a strange coincidence her son is none other than Pirate Pete himself. Ahoy kids and landlubbers. The pirates perform on selected weekends, so don’t miss the boat!

The Little Secret Theatre is located at 4402 23rd Street in Long Island City. For information, call 718-392-0722 or surf to www.secrettheatre.com. As always, save me a seat on the aisle.